Natural History Museum Insect Vision Mask only £2.25 @ WH Smith

Natural History Museum Insect Vision Mask only £2.25 @ WH Smith

Insect maskI saw these natural history sets while doing my Christmas mad panic shopping and have to confess that I am not entirely sure what their point is. Still, at £8.99 they were an expensive toy but at £2.25 perhaps I need to reconsider...

This price is 75% off the original retail cost with a saving of £6.74 and the chance to discover what it is like to see the world through an insect’s eyes. Erm. See, I told you that I wasn’t entirely sure what the point was, especially in light of the product description.

The website describes it as an insect mask that shows you hundreds of small independent images at different angles. Our eyes are not used to seeing the world in this way and we struggle to process the information. Right...Insect mask2

The description goes on to explain that as there are more insects on earth than any other species, this kind of sight must work. Er, ok. Look, if you can see why this would be of benefit to a child’s education then the new price is definitely worth it. If you, like me, just don’t get it then perhaps join me in going “Aaaah” about the ace price instead.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD!


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