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2 June 2010

musical microphone This is a musical activity centre for baby with a twist. The microphone amplifies baby’s voice. No idea if this is fun for baby or not, but it sounds like fun for mummy! have the Musical Microphone on half price offer for £22.49.

musical microphone1The recommended age for this toy is six months plus. According to the blurb, the colourful toy contains instrument play, sing-along songs and ‘busy’ activities. You get six songs to sing to, and four karaoke tunes, plus a built in song mode (I have no idea what this means!). It is designed so that baby can sit and play, then as they grow older and start standing, they can move on to a stand up performance with music, sounds and phrases resounding from the interactive microphone. It comes with four AA batteries.

I’d have loved to have something like this when my son was a baby. No idea if he’d have liked it though! I think he would probably have freaked out a little bit to start with but then he’d have got into it. Goodness knows he spent enough time posing in a mirror. I wonder if he’d have known that was his own voice? I haven’t been able to find anything out about the sound quality though. Sometimes these toys make everything sound like a Dalek. Just remember that you do have consumer rights when buying online – you can return anything in 7 days even if you simply just don’t like it.

Thanks to cherish138 at HUKD!

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