Moshi Monsters Moshling Treehouse £14.97 @ Amazon

Moshi Monsters Moshling Treehouse £14.97 @ Amazon

Amazon has reduced the price of the Moshi Monsters Moshling Treehouse from £22.99 to £14.97 and it comes with free Super Saver Delivery. This is a nice saving of around £8 which is not bad for such a popular range of toys.

The Moshi Monsters Moshling Treehouse is entirely made out of plastic and it comes with one secret, special Moshling to store away in the branches of the tree. You also get a working pulley, little platforms, stickers and a working door.

I reviewed the Moshling Treehouse back in December as it was pushed as one of the premier Christmas toys for 2011. I must confess that I didn’t rave about it then, and I still wouldn’t rave about it now. The base constantly falls off the bottom of the tree leaving it unbalanced and the platforms and door do the same.

I’d only buy this if you have a Moshi Mad little one who would faint with joy, otherwise look out for something a bit better.

Thanks to kukugooder at HUKD


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