Moshi Monsters Mosh N Chat Poppet £13.50 @ Amazon

11 December 2011

The Moshi Monsters are definitely among the Must Have Christmas gifts for 2011. My daughter is crazy about them and I’ve had to throw one of these under our Christmas tree this year. This particular price for a Moshi Monster, especially Poppet, is very good indeed, only £13.50 including free delivery.

Moshi Monsters Mosh n Chat Poppet makes a variety of Moshi Monster style noises whenever you push her tummy. My favourite has to be when she says, “Poppet” in this really cute voice. I can’t wait to see my daughter’s face when she opens this Christmas gift on the big day.

Moshi Monster Poppet is also one of the most expensive. Katsumi is constantly marked down, but Poppet and Furi are always expensive. This price, down from £22.50 to £13.50, is excellent and I am honestly surprised that there are any still around so close to Christmas.

Thanks to deemagutter at HUKD!

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