Moon Dough Super Value Pack £3.99 @ Home Bargains

Home Bargains are selling this Moon Dough super value pack for £3.99 rather than £9.99.

At first glance I thought this Moon Dough was just Play Doh under a different name, but it's slightly different in that it doesn't dry out and doesn't stain anything it touches either.

Now please bear in mind my experience with Play Doh is quite some time ago, but if lids were left off tubs then it did start to dry out and crack. My best friend's mum, from my infant school days, also went berserk when Tanya and I got Play Doh on her finest Axminster carpet!

Ten different colours of Moon Dough make up this Moon Dough super value pack, and I'm rather intrigued as to why the official info states that it's wheat free and hypo allergenic - surely it's not for eating!!

I know kids sometimes put things in their mouths, but if you have a wheat allergy does just touching something containing wheat cause problems?!

It doesn't look as though you can collect your Moon Dough super pack in-store; home delivery isn't going to break the bank though, it'll cost between 99 pence and £2.99 depending on the parcel size classification.

Thanks to thomascomer at HUKD

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