Mookie Large Playhouse £79.99 @ Amazon

Mookie Large Playhouse £79.99 @ Amazon

Mookie Large Playhouse AmazonIf you're looking for an outdoor play area for the kids, then this Mookie Large Playhouse has been reduced to £79.99, from £119.99, by Amazon. Delivery is free with Amazon Prime.

The playhouse is a lovely green and blue, which I really like. Boys love playhouses as much as girls and while I never had any problems with buying pink stuff for my son (well THEY don't know it is gender specific at the age of 3) my other half always objected!

The playhouse has opening and shutting doors, and that's about all the product information that's available on the website. There's not even the dimensions, which is is a bit of a shame as that's practical information anyone would need surely?

One of the reviewers on the site commented that "I really wish dimensions had been listed, when they say "Large" it really DOES means large. I bought this thinking "How big can it be? Look at the size of those toddlers in the picture..." Trust me.. they're the largest toddlers on the planet."

Verdicts on the build quality of the playhouse vary. Some found it flimsy, others thought that there were some overly sharp edges. One person comments that they needed to sand down on the plastic on a couple of edges to make it finger friendly. While one person found it dead easy to assemble, another had problems!

The overall consensus seems to be that it needed to be about £30 cheaper to make it worth the money. And now it is £40 cheaper!


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