Monster Chaos Skateboard £7.49 @ Argos

Monster Chaos Skateboard £7.49 @ Argos

Monster Chaos Skateboard

This skateboard has been reduced to less than half price at Argos. The Monster Chaos Skateboard is now £7.49, reduced down from £19.99. That makes it, dare I say it, a monster bargain!

Most of the items we find tend to be for younger children and babies. But of course the older kids still need birthday and Christmas presents, and the odd treat! This skateboard certainly fits the bill. It looks pretty good, with a nice modern art design on it. Personally I've got no idea at all when it comes to skateboards, but I do know that kids will get better at skateboarding the more they use one. So at this price, you could probably stock up on a couple, so you've always got a spare to hand!

Again my ignorance shows here, and I've no idea what these specifications mean or if they're a 'good' thing. So here is what it says on the website:

  • 31in x 8in maple deck 9 ply
  • Seagull type 5in aluminium truck
  • ABEC-5 carbon bearing
  • 54 x 36mm PU injection wheel
  • PU injection cushion
  • Deck size (L)79, (W)20cm

Monster Chaos Skateboard 1

The Monster Chaos Skateboard can be reserved for free instore collection, or you can arrange delivery for £5.95.

The picture shown here on the right has nothing to do with this model of skateboard, but it made me laugh!

Thanks to nibrows at HUKD!


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