Monopoly Speed Board Game £9.99 @ Amazon

You can play it in under ten minutes!
Monopoly Speed Board Game £9.99 @ Amazon

I know why families always end up falling out when playing Monopoly. It's because it goes on for far too long! Here's the solution... Monopoly Speed. Amazon are selling it for just £9.99 at the moment, so snap it up now and enjoy a games night with no drama.

Monopoly Speed Board Game

The Monopoly Speed Board Game is Monopoly without the monotony. It's a quick play version of the classic game we all know and love (well unless it drags on for hours).

This is designed so that it can be played in under ten minutes and involves a countdown timer that makes each round snappy - and everyone buys at the same time as they each have their own token and die.

There are still Chance and Community Chest cards to help you get along but everything moves much faster.

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