Monopoly gets a Barbie pink makeover!

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Monopoly gets a Barbie pink makeover!

Is it too early to get the Christmas board game as I think I've found the one I want! Monopoly is about to get a Barbie makeover in a brand new version of the classic board game and we think it's going to be huge! You can pre-order the Monopoly Barbie Edition Board Game at Amazon now for £28.99 with free delivery ahead of it's 17th November release date.

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Monopoly Barbie Edition

Monopoly Barbie Edition Board Game

With the Monopoly: Barbie Edition board game players can imagine slipping into pink Barbie shoes as they follow their dreams to own it all!

First, players choose from 6 Barbie-inspired zinc tokens in pink: Dog, Show, Sportscar, Speedboat, Roller Skate, and Barbie herself. Then, each player selects a Be Anything card to choose from 6 Barbie careers before they travel the board and purchase famous locations in the Barbie dream world and build their own DreamHouses. If they roll a "B" with the Barbie dice, they can flex their unique Be Anything skill, giving them an edge over opponents. Live out career and fashion goals by drawing Dream Career and Dream Closet cards. With convertibles, campers, cute pups, and more you'll live the Barbie dream!

This item is covered by the Pre-order Price Guarantee so the price you pay will be the lowest price offered by Amazon between the time you place your order up to and including the end of the day of the release date. Order now and you game will be dispatched on the release date of 17th November. Delivery is free of charge as it's over the £25 minimum spend.


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