Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition Review

26 January 2013

I don’t know about you, but I love Monopoly. It brings back many happy childhood memories of me playing with my brother (and having the usual knock-down fights about cheating and taking the coolest properties) and so I was rather excited about getting the digital edition for our house.

I chose to buy the Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition because the money in our old box always got lost, and you couldn’t buy replacement money so it was off to get an entirely new set every time. This edition comes with this electronic device and credit cards so you input the amounts you are subtracting or adding and the machine does the rest for you.

This is ace because you don’t have to shell out cash – the money is automatically added to your card at the start of each game – and you don’t have to do any maths, and it is very easy to use. The downsides are that it needs batteries, you can get confused as to which side is which and accidentally delete money from the wrong card, and the machine is a bit noisy.

Also, call me a purist, but I LOVED Community Chest and Chance. These have been replaced/updated by the electronic edition that randomly throws things up, and the fact that you can now use these to bid for properties, eBay style, and pay bills.

These are fun, sure, but I miss being able to pick a card up from the centre of the table and the fact that it was more tactile. However, the fact that they have changed some fundamental rules of the game mean that this is not for the Monopoly purist at all. Be warned. It is on sale on Amazon* at the moment and is great fun, but it’s not the original and not my favourite.

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