NEW Minions @ Build-A-Bear!

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This is the best news I have heard all day - you can now get Minions at Build-A-Bear Workshop!

They are available from today online, and I have just wasted a happy few minutes listening to the sounds you can have put into your Minion.  You can get Kevin, Bob or Stuart, and then these are different accessories and outfits you can choose as well, just like you can design your own bear.The overalls are to be expected, but there's also a hippie costume and a pirate one, and you can add a guitar, teddy or a BANANA!

Prices will depend on which character you choose, and which accessories, outfits and sounds you add, and yes they can be pretty pricey. This isn't a 'deal' as there is no special offer at all, but the Minions are so popular with both adults and kids that this is reason enough to share the news. To be honest I think the issue may be getting hold of one before they sell out!

Do you know anyone who would like one? Apart from me of course. ;)

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