Mini Simon Says Game £7.49 @ Argos

Mini Simon Says Game £7.49 @ Argos

Do you remember the Simon Says game from yesteryear?  I do, I had the pocket version which, looking back now, was way to big to fit into even the hugest pockets, and my cousin had the full size version.  This mini Simon Says game is a keyring size version - the size of a coffee cup coaster at the most.

For some of you this might be just too small, but if you want something ultimately portable that will keep the kids amused for hours when you're out and about, or on long journeys, then this mini Simon Says game could be just the thing.

At just £7.49 it would also make a great, inexpensive stocking filler which WILL see hours and hours of dedicated playing; if you've never played Simon Says then you just won't understand how addictive it is until you do.

It's very simple: there are four coloured lights with their own distinctive tone; Simon flashes them at you in a sequence and you have to copy it, the further into the game you get the faster Simon goes. Make a mistake and it's GAME OVER!

It's made me all nostalgic for playing Simon Says now; I wonder whatever happened to the big one my cousin had...

Up to four people can play this mini Simon Says game (I hope they all have small, nimble fingers!) and it requires three LR44 batteries, which are included.

Thanks to Skybluman at HUKD


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