Minecraft For The PS4 £10.85 Delivered @ Amazon

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Minecraft. Chances are if you are a parent of school-age children then you will know exactly what Minecraft is. If the kids were lucky enough to get a Playstation 4 for Christmas they may already be moaning for this game. Head over to Amazon and you can get Minecraft for just £10.85, and that includes FREE Super Saver delivery too.

You want to buy this if you don't want to see the kids for days on end. Seriously, kids LOVE this game. It is a breath of fresh air from fighting games I guess. My boys are obsessed with Minecraft, and they connect with children from all over the world to create buildings and worlds for their Minecraft characters.

I was told that schools in Sweden actually use it in schools as they find it to be educational.  You can't say that for a lot of games, can you?

It's a game where kids (or adults) need to build using different materials, they get to learn their properties and how to use them when building. I won't lie to you, this is all I have picked up about this game. I have really tried to understand it but it just baffles me.

Thanks to the_hukd_noob @ HUKD

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