Mine It Diamond And Gold (Twin Pack) £7.95 Delivered @ Amazon Store: BestBuyUK

Mine It Diamond And Gold (Twin Pack)

You know how sometimes the kids will constantly nag you for that toy that all of their friends have, but they don't. The latest fad, trend, crap is Mine It Diamond and Gold Sets. Normally, you are £4.99 for the Gold or the Diamond each, so to get them both for £7.95 delivered is great.

What is Mine It? It's a toy that's a mini excavation kit. In each you'll have something that resembles a Gold Bar or a Diamond. With the Chisel, Hammer and Magnifying Glass you'll dig and scrape to uncover a hidden treasure.

There are 6 semi-precious stones to collect, like Quartz and Tiger's Eye, however every 1 in 24 boxes will contain a real diamond or piece of gold.

These are a nice alternative to Chocolate Easter Eggs, if you don't want to be giving the kids too many Sweets.

Delivery is FREE of charge!

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  • Mary R.

    this is what Dakota wants x

  • CameraGirl

    it says assorted one in description? 

  • Emma B.

    Link doesnt bring a specific item up.

  • Rae C.

    this would be a cool thing to do with Jack as a one off xx

  • Zara J.

    Brody had one for his bday, he enjoyed doing it xx bit messy x suffice to say we didn’t have real gold in ours :grinning:

  • Katie W.

    oh wow cool. Might get Libby one for Easter. If you don’t hear from me we found a diamond

  • Rachel M.

    In the questions you only get 1

  • Vicky W.

    I got the 4 for £15 you get a double pack but there on two for £15 xx

  • Claire B.

    I just ordered these thank ya !!

  • Shazia I.

    our kids would love this.

  • Christina N.

    Absolute waste of money and my car ended up covered in fine gold sand :tired_face::tired_face:

  • Lynsey A.

    Yep my husband was caught out, only received 1. Argos did a twin pack for £9.99

  • Simon G.

    this is what Grace said she wanted ages ago x

  • Lynsey A.

    Can’t post screenshot but Argos have twin pack for £9.99 and on 2 for £15 offer!

  • Tracy B.

    Pmsl my daughter got gold in hers it's the tiniest piece of gold you have ever seen

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