Mike The Knight Gatehouse Playset £7.50 @ Amazon

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Amazon is selling the Mike The Knight Gatehouse play set for £7.50 right now. If you don't have Prime you'll have to add £3.30 for postage, making it £10.80 delivered, or you can add some of the seasonal add-on ideas to pop you just over the £10 mark for free delivery.

This Mike The Knight Gatehouse Playset is reduced from £19.99 and comes with a grappling hook, target and telescope, plus a stash of treasure and a Mike The Knight play character.

If you have other Mike the Knight play sets, you could add them together too with included scales, and have a whole Glendragon of your own. And when I mean your, I mean your child's. Obviously. 

I think this could make a lovely little Christmas gift, and open a whole world of adventure and fun for a little fan of Mike the Knight. Oh, and I know a little girl called Abbie who would challenge anyone who tells you Mike is just for boys - girls can have plenty of fun with this playset too.


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