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25 November 2010

microwaveTeddies2 What with temperatures of doom and the impending snow, I feel justified in telling you about more microwaveable teddies.

My youngest has a microwaveable teddy whom he affectionately calls Smelly Lambkins, I've told you about him before, but LOOK! Here he is! Tell me he's not CUTE!

There are lots of microwaveable teddies, with discounts. on offer at Amazon just now.

I think they're much safer and far less faff than hot water bottles and kids totally love them!

There's a microwaveable teddy to suit every child, there's a duck, ladybird, puppy, cow, bunny, polar bear, monkey, bumblebee, various dinosaurs, a pig , a penguin, an elephant and a mouse!

If there's nothing that takes your fancy among that lot, then I don't think I can help  you...perhaps a plain hot water bottle...?

The prices vary depending on which microwaveable teddy you choose, but the cheapest is currently around the £7.50 mark.

Microwaveable teddies don't just have to be confined to bedtime either - they make lovely warm friends for little ones to cuddle on the way to school, or on the way back from visiting friends and rellies in the car on chilly winter nights.

Keep warm and take care in the snow when it arrives!

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