Mickey Mouse Mega Bloks 3D Breakthrough Puzzle £9.33 @ Amazon

15 January 2013

If your'e after a different puzzle experience for your child (and for you, be honest!) then you should really take a look at this Mickey Mouse Mega Bloks 3D Breakthrough Puzzle.  Amazon are selling them for £9.33, at the moment, rather than £19.99.

If you're a regular reader then you'll know I love puzzles; you'll also know that I'll be sitting here wracking my brains to think of someone I can buy this for, so that I can play with it too!

Two hundred pieces make up this Mickey Mouse Mega Bloks 3D Breakthrough Puzzle and what you have to do is this:

  1. Piece together the two-dimensional background image; then
  2. Clip the 3D elements onto the top of the background and layer up your puzzle to turn it into a 3D puzzle masterpiece

It sounds pretty awesome to me, will definitely test your young puzzlers skills a little more than a traditional puzzle and is a bit of a bargain for £9.33 (just watch out for Amazon and their rollercoaster price tactics!).

If you can sit tight and wait for three or four days for delivery, then it won't cost you any extra; if you can't, and need your Mickey Mouse Mega Bloks 3D Breakthrough Puzzle earlier, then you can pay a few extra pounds and get your hands on it faster.

Thanks to Lozzy20 at HUKD

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