Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toodle Ears Interactive Game £2.99 @ Home Bargains

ToodlesThis funky kids toy has been marked down from £9.99 to a mere £2.99 at Home Bargains so get yourself to your nearest store and grab one right now.

Toodles happens to be Mickey Mouses’ adorable little helper in the popular children’s TV show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Mickey Mouse and his friends, the usual fun crew consisting of Daisy, Donald, Pluto and Daffy, all solve puzzles and help each other out and learn about new things.

Toodles has all the tools that they need to get through the various tasks and problems set them in each show so this is a fab gift for any child that loves this Disney classic.toodles2

The toy includes three different kinds of activity, each designed to teach kids more about specific things. Mouseka Dancing has them jiggling away to fun music and burning off energy, Mickey Says teaches them about following instructions and, finally, Time to Play that teaches about the concept of time.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toodles is an adorable gift that would make both a stunning stocking filler and educational gift at a brilliant price.


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  • guv
    Looks like cheap plastic tat to me!