Megabloks: Thomas At The Sodor Fair £7.00 @ Next

Megabloks: Thomas At The Sodor Fair £7.00 @ Next

Megabloks Thomas Sohor

If you've not had enough toys enter your life this last week, or you're already on the lookout for Christmas presents, the set from Next is only £7.00 down from an original £16.00.

The Thomas at the Sodor Fair set is recommended for children over 3 years old, and based on the reviews, this is one of those cases where the age limit is best adhered to for maximum enjoyment.

The set includes Thomas, blocks, a fair tent and working ferris wheel, and ramps which can be built and rebuilt for hours of fun. The set is also interchangeable and can be mixed with other Thomas sets to build your Thomas world.

One Amazon review – where the set is on sale for £15.00- says the set is very flimsy and falls apart easily, but another says “Yes, of course, if you push too hard or unevenly distribute weight on the blocks/track once built it will fall over and come apart. That's kinda the point of blocks instead of say the wooden track.”

Guess it depends on how you build it, and how stressed your little one will be by having to play with Megabloks all day long ;)

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