Matchbox Rocky The Robot £32.48 @ Tesco Direct

Matchbox Rocky The Robot £32.48 @ Tesco Direct

Srocky2This is an impressive deal indeed. Down from £64.97 to only £32.48, you save exactly half the value when you buy this truck. Stocks are dropping fast so it’s probably a good idea to go and check it out before they’re gone altogether. 

This interactive truck has actual sensors and motorized movements so it looks as if he comes to life whenever you use him. Er, he can also talk. Apparently he speaks over 100 phrases and tells jokes. I am astounded. Now he only needs to make coffee and I’m happy too... 

Ok, so Rocky can dance and light up his headlights, he hauls heavy loads and dumps them wherever you want and then he falls asleep and, yep, snores gently. Clearly a lot of tech has gone into the making of this toy and it’s well woSrockyrth the original price of nearly £70. 

This saving means that you get to have one of the coolest toys ever, without paying it off over ten years. Perhaps a good one for the secret present closet? If you time it right, you can even store it for Christmas 2010. 


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