Massive Toy Clearance @ Smyths Toys

toy clearance smyths pm

Smyths Toys have today started one of their huge Toy Clearances, with items priced from £1, and like the last time most of it is in stores only so to see what they have you need to head to your local branch.

You can see a few of the offers on their website, but there are many many more in stores. All Clearance stock is subject to availability, but if you can get there soon there should be some really low prices... we hope!

When Smyths Toys did their last event like this we heard stories of single customers filling many trolleys and clearing shelves to sell on themselves. Well it looks as though Smyths weren't happy about that behaviour either, as on their sale banner it says "Customer limits apply. No bulk buying." Good on you Smyths!

I picked up some great bargains at the last toy clearance, and there are still a couple of them put away for Christmas. If you find any fab goodies in this sale let us know so we can tell others what's out there.

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