Magic Tricks Set (150 Tricks) £5 @ The Entertainer

Magic Tricks Set (150 Tricks) £5 @ The Entertainer

Both me and Luschka have written about this Magic Tricks set, with its 150 tricks, before - both times it was £5 and it's £5 again, instead of its usual £20 - what a magic deal (sorry, I couldn't resist!)

My  husband is a bit of a magic tricks master and there are a couple of tricks he does that still leave me utterly bemused as to how he does it.  Our children and grandchildren are always asking him to tell them how he does his tricks, but he'll never tell - not them at least, I've been let in on the secret to some of them and, as with all good tricks, they're really simple when you know how which really does take all the magic away and isn't nearly so much fun.

If you have a budding magician in your family - I was going to say 'wannabe Paul Daniels' but then sales of this Magic Tricks set might plummet and The Entertainer might get cross with me for wrecking their February stock figures! - then I'd buy them this Magic Tricks set for a fiver.  I probably wouldn't if it was being sold for the full £20, but you can't go too far wrong for £5 and people who've bought it say their youngsters really love it.

To list everything it contained would take me ages and bust my word limit so here's are just of few of the main things you'll find in the Magic Tricks box: a magic top hat and the, essential, magic wand; a sponge rabbit (you didn't expect a real one did you?!), dice, thimbles and rings, four 4 poms poms, 1.2m of magic rope and a deck of cards.

If you don't have a Toy Shop near you, then you'll need to add on £3.95 for home delivery if you spend less than £30 - if I could I'd conjure up a free delivery code, but my repertoire doesn't extend that far this morning.

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  • LynleyOram
    Bought this the last time it reduced. Really pleased with it. You get a lot in there, especially for a fiver. Was a gift for a friend's son and he has made fabulous use out of it. He's magicians mad!