Magic Spring (Slinky) £1.99 @ Play

slinky2 Magic spring....?  MAGIC SPRING?!  *sigh* It's a SLINKY for goodness sake!!!

I saw this deal yesterday and I've tried to resist, I really have, but now I have to post it.  Yes I know they can end up in a tangled mess but isn't that part of the charm?  Part of the huge anticipation?

slinkyWill the magic spring (can I call it a slinky?) make it to the bottom of the stairs and STILL be in a neat pile at the end?  Or will it be, proabably, beyond help? Although you know that if this is the case you're going to spend hours t r y i n g to untangle it, because it's the slinky (oops, magic spring) and all that matters is seeing it 'walk' down the stairs just one more time.

I'm not sure how quite so much fun can be derived from 80 feet of curved wire - at least that's how big the original ones were back in the day; back in the day when slinkies were called slinkies and you were allowed to play conkers in the playground without the Health and Safety Executive coming to get you!

Thanks to andywedge over at HUKD!

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