Magic Sketcher £2 @ Tesco

19 February 2011

Tesco Magic Sketcher Happy doodling. The Magic Sketcher from Tesco had already been reduced from £4 to £2.50 in the clearance sale. It has now had a further 50p chopped off the price making it £2. Make a great prize for a birthday party game. However, it is only really worth getting if you can collect for free in store, so make sure first that a store near you offers this service before you get all excited. I've had my hopes dashed like that by Tesco before!

I don't need to explain this do I? Probably just about every parent reading this will have had one as a kid. You draw on the surface, and then you wipe it clear. The Tesco Magic Sketcher has a pen that allows you to draw thick and thin lines.  Then you slide the Eraser Knob across. It also comes with three different stamps.

The product description also says that it has a pen retrieval function. No idea what that is - a wire attached to the pen maybe? It measures 23.5cm high and 32cm wide. The minimum recommended age for this toy is three years plus.

For some reason it is in the Girls Toys section of the Clearance Sale. I'm not sure why. On the picture it looks like it is yellow, with red trimmings. This makes me cautious though that in fact the red is actually pink.

Thanks to Rachella81 at HUKD!

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