Lotso Bear £20 @ The Disney Store

18 November 2010


Toy Story 3’s Lotso Bear is definitely one of the Must Have Christmas presents this year. Constantly sold out in most stores and selling for ridiculous prices on eBay, he is very, very popular. Well, he is currently back in stock at The Disney Store for the usual price of £20 right this minute.

There are several different variations of Lotso Bear available at the moment. Ranging from the talking version which is very expensive, down to the little versions that don’t have much extras. This chap sits right in the middle.

This Lotso Bear is soft and squishy and smells of strawberries (yum!) but he doesn’t have any of the fancy talking extras. This is just a cuddly bear. I think that £20 is quite a steep price to pay for what’s basically a teddy bear with a smell, but so many people have asked me about when it is back in stock I felt important to let you know.

So, if you want Lotso, then this is your chance. Only two allowed per order.

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