Lollipop Lane Huggable Snuggable Fudge Bear £7.53 @ Amazon

Lollipop Lane Huggable Snuggable Fudge Bear £7.53 @ Amazon

If you have a soft spot for SUPER cute teddies then you'll definitely want to go and take a look at Huggable Snuggable Fudge Bear.

My youngest son's name is Edward and ever since he arrived we've called him Bear (as in Edward Bear aka Winnie the Pooh; NOT, I hasten to add, because of Bear Grylls, who's name is also Edward!).  Ever since then we've also been extra 'sensitive' to REALLY cute teddy bears and this Lollipop Lane Huggable Snuggable Fudge Bear could just be the cutest of them all to date!

Just LOOK at him, he's gorgeous beyond belief - in fact, you know, I'm seriously tempted to buy him just for me and he can sit somewhere nice in my bedroom - perhaps on the windowsill so he can look out the window at the horses in the field.

He's made from fleece and velour and has a little round, soft, fat tummy and his bottom and paws are filled with beans (I tell you, I'm falling more and more in love with him by the second here!) and his left foot paw has a name tag stitched to it that you can personalise with the name of whomever you're giving him to - it says 'I belong to...'

This most scrumptious of bears also comes in his own little presentation box and usually costs £22.99, if you're quick you'll be able to snaffle him away from Amazon for just £7.53; he's a lovely huggable snuggable deal of the day for me.

Happy hugging and snuggling


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