Where To Buy L.O.L Surprise BIG Surprise In UK

L.O.L Surprise BIG Surprise

L.O.L Surprise Dolls are BIG news just now and You Tube is full of videos featuring them being 'opened'. There are a few different ones for sale in the UK now, but the one that is selling out everywhere is the L.O.L Surprise BIG Surprise. When you see it in stock, you have to grab it!

Available to buy/pre-order:

Limited Stock/Delivery/Higher RRP:

  • Currently Out of Stock

Out of Stock:

  • Toys R Us* - £59.99
  • Very* £59.99
  • Tesco Direct £59.99 BUY HERE*
  • Amazon France £52.70 delivered - Grab it here*
  • If, like me, your French isn't great, the Google Chrome Browser is good at translating the webpage although if you order from Amazon in the UK it's easy enough to follow and you can use your UK details to log in and pay. It's exactly the same L.O.L Big Surprise that you get in the UK.

The L.O.L Surprise BIG Surprise doesn't come cheap at £59.99, but when they say it's big, they weren't lying. For a start it's 32cm tall and contains 50 surprises inside.

There are three layers to get through - the first layer has 10 surprises, which are Doll Accessories, second layer is made up of 5 Charm Fizz Balls, each with 3 charms in, the third layer contains two L.O.L Dolls and two L.O.L Lil Sisters.

The hard Glitter Plastic Shell can be used again, perhaps to store L.O.L Dolls?

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  • Joanne C.

    I phoned smyths customer service yesterday to see when they are coming in and she didn't have a clue, we even tried to order one from America but had sold out to :joy::see_no_evil:

    • Tracey11

      Don’t worry  you will

      Live .

  • Nicola F.

    Sixty quid!!!! Sod that!! x

  • Rachel P.

    Let's hope she doesn't see them on YouTube. X

  • Clare K.

    No way! 50 accessories that'll end up lost or I'll stand on:see_no_evil:xx

  • Hannah S.

    :joy::joy: I'd hide her tablet then cos she will find them for sure x

  • Debbie P.

    60 pound???!!!! Omg! :scream::see_no_evil:

  • Rachel P.

    Haha, I know. Just been reading, it only has 4 dolls in it. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Leanne K.

    Oh don't! Iv heard nothing but these lol dolls. They are a good bribing tool tho haha. She's already got 3 :see_no_evil:

  • Louise B.

    Actually don't know what I'm going to do if she sees this! I already had to part with a frightening amount of money on these yesterday for her birthday :flushed:!

  • Sian P.

    It has four dolls each doll has about 5 or so accerorise so those little things like a head band for the doll are included into that 50 then there are some bath bombs as well

  • Olivia H.

    is that the big one! :see_no_evil: xxxx

  • Diane D.

    Looks like a pre order present,

  • Jo R.

    So gonna have to get one x

  • Jenny H.

    Yes I'm gonna have sleepless nights trying to get these :see_no_evil:

  • Jo R.

    So there's now a normal lol, little sister, bath bombs and now this! Hopefully santa wins the lottery :joy:

  • Katie T.

    Going to need to keep my eye on this as get one as soon as they're out xx

  • Laura F.

    Omg she would love this :heart_eyes::joy: xx

  • Rosie E.

    I can't bring myself to get the £10 let alone this one :joy:

  • Aliye263

    Just received the Smyths toy catalogue and this is advertised in the LOL Dolls section very clearly displaying the price at £59.99. This is not available online and when you try to search for this item it doesn't exist??. When will this be available to purchase or pre-order. Just messaged Smyths toy store as they shouldn't be advertising this in the catalogue if it's not available to buy. Guess what my girls opened this magazine straight away and saw this. What am I going to do now

    • Shell81

      Same with Argos toy catalogue! Someone on there said it should be arriving around 13th October. 

      I’ll be checking every day to try and get it!

      • Shell81

        It’s on smyths now for pre order

        • online2014

          sold out :O this going to be like the hatchimals last year people think? 

  • Shell81

    Toysrus.com says expected delivery 29th September.

    Someone on Argos said 13th October. I’ll be checking every day to get it!

  • Caroline S.

    What in the hell is it?! :smile:

  • Sophie S.

    this has got Lexie name all over it

  • Claire G.

    Kaitlyn would this this.£60 tho :sweat_smile: xxx

  • Lyndsey P.

    It has 50 surprises inside

  • Paul S.

    I'll get 2 when I get paid xxx

  • Clare M.

    Think they would love this!!!x

  • Denise C.

    i near died wen seen the price lol

  • Louise H.

    We'll try get it next week x

  • Chell L.

    haha its expensive but well worth the money haha. A lady in Tesco was telling me about this the other day. No idea what she meant now I do :joy: xx

  • Stephanie B.

    I hate these things!! Lol

  • Stephanie B.

    :joy::joy::joy: £60!! She has more chance of getting a dog!!!

  • Michelle P.

    Haha i know i went on to pre order and then was like no way lol x

  • Lynsey R.

    all done last night!! and just managed to order a luvabella from the hedge end store!! I'm on a roll! lol x

  • Stephanie B.

    Snap!! But now I've read what it contains, I'm wondering if santa could bring them

  • Claire G.

    I thought £12 was terrible for the one she bought :joy::joy: xxx

  • Kayleigh G.

    Seen it lilly dosent even want it now because you only get 2 big sisters and 2 little ones xx

  • Debbie M.

    Thank you for the warning. Pre order done. It's the only thing on my children's christmas list :joy:

  • Lynne B.

    I get it pre ordered in basket then says out of stock n won't let me go any further :sob:

    • Lynne B.

      It's only giving me the option for pre order home delivery I think if had pre order for the store we wanted would be ok - can't believe I am pre ordering toys for Christmas in Sept !!

  • Jayde S.

    It's rip off for what you get

  • Danni F.

    not letting me pre order it... -.-

  • Ashleigh W.

    Wowww where do I get this lol. Xxx

  • Danni F.

    says alot doesnt it that we cant even preorder it....

  • Lyndsey P.

    Youve to pre order it on smyths website. I couldnt cope with any more out of stock toys this Christmas lol! X

  • Lynsey B.

    Wanted one for Ruby's birthday but they were out of stock lol

  • Laura M.

    I've already pre ordered mine :raised_hands_tone2:

  • Lauren B.

    My girls love these lol dolls xxx

  • Victoria T.

    When you preorder, do you have to pay for it there and then

    • Victoria T.

      Brilliant! :slight_smile: will preorder now!

    • Sami M.

      I have just tried but asked for payment details?

    • Victoria T.

      Well I'm skint but it accepted my order through smyths and said payment will be taken out 2 days before order comes in

  • Steph G.

    you can go on and order it xxx

  • Lauren B.

    £60 for a big one :open_mouth: the normal ones are only £10 how big is this one lol xxx

  • Terri-lee C.

    £59.99 but she qould love it lol z

  • Kim S.

    Jheeze you best start saving lol xxz

  • Sarah H.

    This will definitely be at the top of Sophia's Christmas list this year! It's expensive but it will be worth it to see her little face! xx

  • Rachel M.

    Aww :confused: I cudnt let u spend that much they r £60 :open_mouth: ave u seen this £100 doll too :confused: dreading the cost of Xmas this yr ha. Ive made a start now :wink: lol xx

  • Lauren B.

    Lol it will go out of stock quickly xxx

  • Lindsey G.

    Already on it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Natalie W.

    have to admit I didn't look at the price! :see_no_evil::joy: xx

  • Michelle W.

    Have u seen the price!:flushed::flushed:

  • Rachael B.

    She's said this is what she's going to ask Father Christmas for :weary:

  • Laura E.

    Ruby's been watching these on you tube!

  • Hayley M.

    What's in these things ? My boy wants one x

  • Laura C.

    Yeh lol I read tho that there's only 2 big dolls and 2 little dolls inside x

  • Vicki L.

    £60 tho on a little doll haha xxx

  • Chloe W.

    I'm not happy with LOLs right now!!

  • Lydia W.

    That the giant one n it's about £50!

  • Laura G.

    Thanku pre ordered mine my little girl will love this

  • Laura K.

    Thanks so much for letting me knlw i got it thank you x

  • Karen-Anne S.

    I'll not be showing Bethany that lol

  • Tasha B.

    Omg need to get one of those :heart_eyes:

  • Victoria B.

    Thank you hunni I've pre ordered it xx

  • Jo S.

    Is argos out of stock for pre-order?

  • Katie S.

    you know ellie would love this x

    • Frances M.

      Glad I've seen this! She loves lol dolls x

  • Ashleigh D.

    you just know she's going to want one of these! X

  • Becks T.

    Niamh would love this :joy:

  • Laura J.

    Didn't realise the price! Wow, they are really expensive! Xx

  • Sarah S.

    Thank you! managed to get 2 from here a little while ago :kissing_heart:

  • Sarah S.

    Girls are sorted for Xmas now!!! X

  • Lauren H.

    Argos have these in stock!!!

  • Jemma B.

    Oh i am hunting!!! This is a big yes on the list!!

  • Laura P.

    Preordered it :raised_hands_tone2: thanks x

  • Lynsey B.

    Cheers Hun. Just ordered it x

  • Jackie G.

    I just saw this and it just so happens I am skint after paying all my bills and doing xmas shopping :weary: xx

  • Helen B.

    Heidi would love one of these x

  • Katie S.

    Yes thank you Hun! I've just pre ordered one xx

  • Leanne J.

    I think I seen these in Smyths abbeycentre. I got 6 of the small ones :rolling_eyes: x

  • Fionnuala L.

    Your a starrrrrr that’s it ordered!! I’m delighted!!!

  • Gemma H.

    I would be devastated if I spent that much on one of these !! :joy:

  • Paul B.

    Confirm big plastic ball full of tat.

  • April B.

    Done it!! Thanks chick :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Ashlie W.

    Haha i know its not on her list thank god

  • Molly R.

    I've just ordered one! :see_no_evil::smile: I've just been paid so I could! Miley would love it and I would too! Haha. Code 8086839990 gets £5 off if you spend over £30 too! Xx

  • Stephanie �.

    They are on pre order at toys r us, I've just got one too whoooop xx

  • Emma B.

    No not heard of them before...seen the price tag :open_mouth:

  • Emma B.

    Yeah actually Jemima has been asking for these wee dolls as her friend has some. They are lol dolls x

  • Charli T.

    Ooo fingers crossed!! Haply xmas shopping :kissing_heart: santa cant let her down 2 years in a row lol x

  • Debbie M.

    I got 2. Im so thrilled x

  • Sarah C.

    Ah really mite have to go and pre order but how the hell will I save them till Xmas xxx

  • Debbie M.

    I should have probably bought 4 when i had the chance. There would be someone else I know looking for them x

  • Deryn J.

    They're desperate for them but think £60 for what you get is a bit eye watering :scream::see_no_evil:

  • Nicola G.

    You can tell that this will be a total waste of money......however ive pre ordered it :joy::see_no_evil:

  • Jayne B.

    No they think these are rubbish! Xx it's a load of junk for lots of money! Xx

  • Kerry H.

    I've seen, they're sold out everywhere! I have another idea though so it's all good! X

  • Martina T.

    This is the one I was talking about. Hope my girls don't spot it!

  • Carly W.

    Absolute waste of money but have pre ordered haha!

    • Nicola O.

      Is this the one you were on about? Haha I've never heard of them xxx

    • Nicola O.

      All the toys out this Christmas seem to love the big price tag! Our poor purses! Xxx

  • Tracy W.

    Have a look on YouTube before you buy, very little in it for £60

  • Deryn J.

    Xmas is all about robbery isn't it!?

  • Theresa B.

    Thats the giant 1 with 50 surprises inside xx

  • Helen T.

    I've tried, I can pre order for delivery but they are not available to click and collect xxxxxx

  • Leanne J.

    Yes it's £50 odd pound. I will start with the small ones and see how we go :grin: xx

  • Victoria T.

    I chose pre order but then got confirmation it’ll be here before 3rd October :scream:

  • Laura B.

    Don't do it

  • Vicky M.

    I just looked it up to see what it was. It's like a 60 quid lucky bag!

  • Vicky J.

    You can pre order it!

    Do you know anyone who has one, is it good?

  • Tracy H.

    They also have the entire barbie dolphin range on it, I am screwed!!!

  • Vicky M.

    Lol mine have always been told they can write a list as long as they like but they'll still only get a few things off it x

  • Kelly W.

    Thanks chick gonna preorder it at midnight ehen ive money

  • Carol C.

    Oh my! I hate these but she's absolutely going to want one isn't she?! Mind you, these aren't advertised on tv- maybe I can keep her in the dark?! :thinking:

  • Melissa M.

    i seen these in smyths book that was 1 of the 1st things she askd for lol xx

  • Jane R.

    Lol we will so help each other out xxx

  • Lissi-loo G.

    It's been ordered...did it a few days ago lol. Xx

  • Carol C.

    So... I guess my Christmas shopping is officially started. :scream::tired_face:

  • Carrie D.

    Oh dear! :see_no_evil: Glad I've just got the one to buy! :joy: x

  • Sarah W.

    Why is this on kids lists? Is it just a very good marketing ploy to make parents think it's the no.1 toy?? It's outrageous, hardly value for money for what you actually get

  • Victoria S.

    I know I was looking at it in the smyths book they're about £60 :see_no_evil: xx

  • Keeley L.

    What is this thing? I’ve only ever seen it on this page!

  • Christy W.

    Has anybody actually bought this yet?is it really worth £60 ?

    • Amy P.

      Probably not but if you're child is obsessed then they will love it.

    • Tracey E.

      Contains 4 dolls, fizzers and other stuff, I found a video on YouTube, have a look and see what you think

    • Marianne M.

      Buy 8 dolls for same price

    • Nicola G.

      Course it wont be worth it, even the £10 dolls are crap.....ive preordered it for xmas though. She'll love it :sunglasses:

  • Marianne M.

    Not worth it. Just buy 4 big sister and 4 lil sisters for same price. You'll get way more than what's in this

  • Annie C.

    I wish I'd invented these!

  • Danielle H.

    Omg you star just bought it xxx

  • Samantha C.

    I know! Shoot me now!!! Xx

  • Crystia-marie M.

    Already on it! Had mine preordered last week :wink: thanks though

  • Sammie I.

    It's like hatchimals all over again with the crazy parents spending crazy money on a toy that isn't worth it :joy:

  • Sonia C.

    Order one yesterday from toys r us. Can relax now x

  • Leanne G.

    My daughter has asked for this. She is obsessed with them but £60!!!! Where do they make up these ridiculous prices?!

    • Simone F.

      There in Argos btw and included in the 3for 2 xx

    • Allie R.

      Argos are not stocking these until 3 for 2 has finished. X

    • Natalie C.

      There is loads in them tho x

  • Tina C.

    chuffed i got one megan gona b happy on xmas morning lolol xxx

  • Kerry M.

    I want to see what's inside?

  • Rachel H.

    Iv ordered 2 from different places :see_no_evil: just incase one place lets me down or gets cancelled xx

    • Mandy C.

      I see thought you were just buying them as an every day treat! :joy: my granddaughter hasn't discovered them yet - luckily

  • Kathryn M.

    They're crap only 2 dolls and 2 sister in them, the others are them rubbish bath bombs

  • Claire R.

    Just ordered one thank you this was on her Santa list so thank god :thumbsup:

  • Jayne L.

    Pre - ordered mine from toys r us last night. X

  • Simone F.

    It's in Argos. And included in the 3for 2xx

    • Simone F.

      I wouldn't personally pay 60quid for one however I'd buy the 10quid ones xx

  • Kirsty J.

    Thanks Hun, managed to pre order on toys r us last night so fingers crossed! Xx

  • Pauline B.

    I’ve seen this. :joy::joy::joy:

  • Victoria W.

    Are they all gone already? Tried Argos and Entertainer but saying oos:(

  • Neomi M.

    Sold out can't pre order for my area

  • Nikki H.

    £59 :see_no_evil: these dolls are expensive x

  • Sarah C.

    Thanks I did it last night on toys r us lol xx

  • Faye S.

    I'm guna get her smaller ones cause you'll get more overall and it's more for her to open x

  • Chantelle M.

    I got 1 pre ordered hope I get it.but need another :crying_cat_face: xxx

    • Chantelle M.

      Sammie Issott there out of stock xx

  • Katie N.

    Oh I thought u could pre order from entertainer xx

  • Wendy N.

    Yes! £60 is a bit much!! :see_no_evil: xx

  • Debbie W.

    I ordered last night from toys are us babe!! Thanks for promoting me. Xx

  • Emma H.

    Tell them they can have 2 each!!!! Haha xxx

  • Rhianna D.

    Ahh! Too much! Smiggle and LOL dolls!

  • Rachael C.

    Already pre ordered through Smyths :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: xx

  • Kerry M.

    No I didn't . Away to have a look x

  • Karla H.

    Have u seen the price xx lol x

  • Abbie C.

    Yep lol won't be getting that x

  • Delyth W.

    Have you seen the price x

  • Aimee B.

    They all have the same things in! They aren't different like the normal lol dolls xx

  • Emma M.

    I know! She loves them. X

  • Caroline R.

    So you don't even know which ones inside it???

  • Katie J.

    Well it's Xmas after all hahahaha. Xxx

  • Caroline R.

    That's mental :joy::joy::joy::persevere:

  • Maxine H.

    Yes but .....thats crazy price!! She opened the £5 one today :rolling_eyes: Xx

  • Kirsteen I.

    You better try pre order , I ordered 2 last night , think these will be another hatchimal

  • Hayley M.

    Ur gonna have to be quick!!!

  • Tasha E.

    I don't know how to pre order :sob: I've tried on Argos n Smith's aswell xx

  • Claire R.

    Unless all the pre orders have been taken up, keep trying I’ll keep a look out aswel xx

  • Tasha E.

    Thank u. I keep checking all the websites all day every day! Sad ent I :joy::joy:

  • Louise F.

    I really don't see me getting one for her :persevere::persevere::persevere:

  • Louise F.

    It's like the hatachamals all over again!

  • Cheryl C.

    Thank you! Wouldnt let me pre order but they are going to email when its back in stock :grin: xx

  • Nichola M.

    This is the one! They seem to be available in a lot of places from tomorrow, so I’m hoping they come into Argos cos they’re in the 3 for 2

  • Kathryn V.

    Like rocking horse shit! :grimacing:

  • Helen T.

    Preordered two yesterday x

  • smiles

    LOL Big Surprise in Tesco.  Just bought one! x

  • TobieMa77

    Just got one too from smyths via an alert from hotstock.io

  • Sarah W.

    I’ve finally been able to pre order on Smyths just hoping that means I 100% get one xx

  • Charlie N.

    But the dolls inside are only worth 30 quid! Then the fizz balls are 3 quid each. So basically you're paying for a big ball lol

  • Lucy B.

    Omg great minds have just done it xx

  • Sammy L.

    She still thinks that the elves ran out stuff to make them so I explained that not very many got made so she might not get one, she's gonna be over the moon x

  • Tamzin P.

    Tried a pre order but it's still not guaranteed x

  • Becky E.

    Wahoo I’ve pre ordered :slight_smile: one happy girly this Christmas

  • Emma B.

    Look at it...4 ruby x main gift

  • Cara R.

    Thanks doll pre ordered :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::champagne::champagne::champagne::champagne::champagne::heart: xxx

  • Nicky L.

    Pre ordered thankyou so much xx

  • Samantha B.

    Yesss. Iv pre ordered. Thankyou xx

  • Helen R.

    Might just get her a few of the normal lol dolls. These are expensive for what it is x

  • Sammy A.

    Thanks so much lovely, just ordered xxxx

  • Natalie C.

    YAY!!!!! :heart::heart::heart:

  • Natalie H.

    Gone from none to 3! Sorted for Xmas. Thanks hun xx

  • Zoe B.

    Will they be able to fulfil the orders though ? X

  • Danielle D.

    Done!!! Thank you so much!!!! Xxx

  • Katieanne P.

    I think iv preorderd fingers crossed xx

  • Sabrina B.

    I have pre ordered mine in Argos and smyths

  • Becka H.

    Can't get one still :weary::weary:

  • Natalie W.

    Yeah i got a confirmation email. It took a few mins to come thru.

  • Rosanna A.

    Can pre order at smyths but not in til 15th December :see_no_evil:

  • Louise P.

    Thank you but I got one the other day in smyths x

  • Natalie W.

    Im sure!! Its a bloody nightmare. Hatchimals round 2!!

  • Sarah' J.

    It's ridiculous but it's all Ruby's on about so this is off my dad as she wants an iPad too :flushed::joy::thinking: xx

  • Hayley W.

    Are they any good, I was told only 4 dolls in there?

  • Carol D.

    No me neither I think they 2 would enjoy a mixture of big sis and lil sis they just like in boxing them anyways :joy::joy::joy::joy:. The gold ball is cool that's about it x

  • Emma H.

    Basically one big sister doll and two little sister dolls, some stickers, and a few accessories :rolling_eyes: we managed to get 3 big sister dolls and 3 little sister dolls with outfits stickers for a tenner cheaper :sunglasses:

  • Louise P.

    I did too!! Whoop thanks Hun although have you seen what's in it xx

  • Shale J.

    Do you pay full price for pre order does anyone know?

    • Shale J.

      Thanks! Better order it anyway before they run out of stock again!

  • Sarah W.

    Anybody wanting these. We called into smyths 2 days ago and if u put a tenner deposit on them they will reserve them and message u as soon as they come in to the store. Hope this helps u all

  • Caoimhe G.

    Got two I've to collect Monday lol

  • Natalie T.

    Thanks Hun ordering now lol well my dad is lol xx

  • Amanda M.

    Ah just got it. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

  • Chantelle W.

    Just got one this minute!!:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

  • Lauren B.

    Omg I did realise they was £50 I thought they were like a little bauble to go in her stocking lol xx

  • Lisa G.

    Thanks hun think I got one

  • Dannii A.

    Aw thank you babe. Star xx

  • Chantelle W.

    Thanks! Ordered it just as u tagged me. Now its a waiting game to see if ill actually get it..or an email to say they have had to cancel:rolling_eyes:

  • Natalie L.

    Amazing been looking for ages, just ordered one!

  • Sinead M.

    Won't let me check out keeps saying a problem

    • Kim B.

      I got that too. Sold out :cry:

  • Shauna C.

    Just keeps saying problem with payment details website must be in overdrive :weary: thanks though I’ll keep trying x

  • Lianne M.

    Gone already, damn not fast enough :joy:

  • Tasha B.

    Added to basket then it wudnt let me pay now it says out of stock....ragin

  • Kirsty M.

    Thanks gone already argh xx

  • Holly M.

    Just went to order one for belles birthday and they're all gone!

  • Jen N.

    Hey yes I got sorted at smyths yesterday thank u though x

  • Lucy O.

    I just tried, said out of stock :unamused:

  • Faye B.

    If you are local to Dartford Asda. They had lots of these behind the tills. I see them. And knew lots of mummies would be after them. Good luck mummies. Xx

  • Kym M.

    Yeah tried it. It lets you go to checkout then tells ya its out of stock :persevere: x

  • Natasha L.

    Gone I'm suing the bank for this for not being quick enough to take the money raging xx

  • Rachel S.

    Aww! I tried the Asda George link and they were available xx

  • Rebecca R.

    I know it let me add it to my basket n then out of stock I was gutted xx

  • Nicole J.

    They have these in Tesco store I just saw them

  • Laura S.

    Don’t buy this one. There’s hardly anything in it

  • Lucy D.

    I'm not paying £60 for one of these. I've seen what's inside & it's worth about £10 max!

  • Donna S.

    Oh no argos has then in yesterday all of 20 minutes x

  • Órla B.

    I've pre ordered one in smyths x

  • Donna S.

    Poppys is not having one think they are not worth the money x

  • Amanda B.

    Out of stock again now :( thanks tho! X

  • Tracey L.

    If anyone near Tesco in Chelmsford I just saw 2 of these on the shelves

  • Clair D.

    Brought one already :see_no_evil: last Saturday x

  • Siobhan B.

    Aaa ah I missed them !! Thankyou though xxxx

  • Lucy D.

    Charlotte wants one but it's not happening. Bad Santa here!

  • Angela L.

    Asda Weston super mare have them on shelf

  • Samantha S.

    Oh looks like they've gone already:weary:xx

  • Kylie G.

    I know it's nuts! She's asked her Nanna for this, I think she pre ordered but still no guarantee... it's hatchimal all over again :see_no_evil:lol xx

  • Kylie G.

    Omg no way!!! Shes gonna be One happy granddaughter xxx

  • Katie U.

    No I have been tagged in a few and once I get to check out says no stock.Fingers crossed somewhere has stock before Christmas x

  • Penny C.

    I was right on this. Out of stock. Gah

  • Natasha C.

    Urgh missed it already xxx

  • Carrie M.

    No way! I'm so glad Charlotte's not into these. They are like gold dust.x

  • Ashley S.

    I got one about half an hour ago,:thumbsup:

  • Hayley D.

    Refusing to buy the big one... it's like hatchimals all over again :joy: x

  • Carley M.

    Bloody hell! They really are wanted! Crazy!

  • Ashley T.

    I wouldn't waste the money have u seen what u get in them !!! It's worse than a lucky bag xx

    • Fiona D.

      Just like hatchimals last year

  • Leanne P.

    Isla had one. Better off just getting the LOL small £10 dolls x

  • Melanie M.

    Are these worth it or not ?? What's inside ?? X

  • Shell E.

    Absolute rip off there's hardly anything inside

  • Charlotte H.

    Says out of stock on the page but still let me add to basket from my saved items and pay x

  • Chantelle M.

    I put payment details in and it just says oops out of stock

  • Faith G.

    Had one in my basket but by the time I checked out theyd all gone :cry::cry:

  • Kim P.

    Out of stock already :sob:

  • Alyssa A.

    Damn. Been checking now and again all day and then go to the shop and they’re gone!

  • Jo T.

    Thank you, out of stock! I reserved one at 6.30 this morning in toysrus after getting a stock notification, 7.03 I got another one saying they were now out of stock :triumph:xx

  • Shelley J.

    Thank you- we are still in negotiations whether to buy one or not.

  • Becky E.

    There available at Argos yesterday for home delivery had mine delivered this morning

  • Nicola C.

    Thank you :kissing_heart: It wouldn’t let me pre order yesterday. They must have some more coming in now! X

  • Mathew P.

    Got one already, that’s what I was talking about the other day struggling to get her.

  • Rachel M.

    It isn't worth £60 but if you have an LOL crazy it's totally worth it to keep her quiet :joy:

  • Jessica B.

    I've got one ! Thankyou so much xxx

  • Alison F.

    I wanna know what’s it in it! X

  • Claire B.

    Apparently argos have them for home delivery only aswell x

  • Mathew P.

    Loads and loads of bits and pieces and some small dolls as well.

  • Marie E.

    Available for pre-order in Aberdeen too x

  • Becky D.

    Iv got one :blush::blush::blush: xx

  • Kayleigh L.

    Just in Leeds to pick up :rolling_eyes:

  • Helen D.

    Still not got the one I preordered that was meant to be in stock between 26th Oct and 2nd Nov. And smyths toy store won’t reply to my messages/emails in regards to the matter either.x

  • Jessica B.

    Ive got one just preordered :pray:thankyou xxx

  • Ryan M.

    Thank you just pre ordered one xx

  • Amy �.

    The little dolls aren't worth a tenner either but that's what they cost so it's not actually that bad when you break it down

  • Lauren B.

    Yeah everywhere sold out :persevere:

  • Kiera M.

    She don't want it now she knows the pets are out soon :rolling_eyes: xx

  • Kara B.

    Apparently it’s not worth the money. It’s got hardly anything in it (8 things in it apparently)

  • Hannah H.

    :pensive: jst seen how much ppl r sellin them for too :persevere:

  • Lauren B.

    It says can pre order abd collect from store nearest is blackpool xx

  • Samantha L.

    What are these I keep seeing them interested to know what they are

  • Linzi E.

    Oh god don't I am trying to resist!

  • Isabelle B.

    This is the big one but they do little ones as well xx

  • Kerryann S.

    I've done a couple of smyhs pre-orders before and they've been fine. Last year it was for a hatchimal which has sat in the cupboard since Boxing Day! So glad Freya isn't into dolls x

  • Rachel B.

    All that money for little bits of plastic

  • Letisha W.

    I've just ordered it, thanks! X

  • Kerry H.

    I got them woohoo :clap_tone1:

  • Shaun N.

    I’ve literally just done it :joy::joy:

  • Leah H.

    Thank you soooooooooo much! X

  • Gemma H.

    Oh and the refund took 5 working days :rage:

  • Azza J.

    Wow!!! Buy a Lind chocolate giant ball for less than a tenna and fill up with lol related stuff for less surely?!

  • Charlotte P.

    I have one already whoop whoop xx

  • Rebecca P.

    Just seen it but only in stock at amazon @ stupid prices. Thanks tho x

  • Sarah V.

    Sold out everywhere till 2018 and the ones that are available there putting up the price xxx

  • Laura S.

    I've one pre ordered and all!!!

  • Emma B.

    They will probably be half price boxing day. :joy: thats when i get all noahs birthday presents xx

  • Bridget P.

    All sold out except Amazon France!!! I'll wait til jan now when new stock come in :ok_hand::ok_hand:

  • Victoria P.

    Yes I did but if you haven’t sold your one I will still have it as a friend wants one. No worries if you’ve sold it xx

  • Steven F.

    I got one in the end, but thanks, do they have just the normal dolls??

  • Cleo M.

    Got 1! Finally. Runcorn asda xx

  • Staci T.

    Will have to let me know what I think? I’m keeping it as an idea for Mias Birthday xx

  • Kelly G.

    I've got one now! Mission complete!! Lol. Thank you anyway!

  • Nicola H.

    It’s been such mixed reviews. If u add up the cost of each individual it’s much more than £60! I was gonna wait until Eilidhs bday too but she’s so in to them just now, she’s never seen them so be a nice surprise xxx

  • Stacey S.

    Wrong conversation ha ha Awesome glad you got one x

  • Nicola H.

    Probably be a bit easier to get a hold of then too! We were in at Tesco Forres the day but they’v never had them xxx

  • Andrea N.

    Can anyone understand french?

    • Joanne D.

      I've just ordered this, coming 5th dec. Paid £61 for it. I copied the text and put it into google translate.

    • Leanne J.

      Hi. I was just wondering Which country did you say you lived please as it won’t let me bypass without one. Thanks x

  • Claire S.

    Maybe half of mine is missing :joy:

  • Rachel R.

    you needed to buy the other so it didn’t look like it had been chopped in half :laughing: It’ll be worth it come 4 weeks today, excitement, opened and then put to one side x

  • Joanne D.

    Thanks so much! Ordered it...at last!!! Comes 5th dec (i think) it was all in french

  • Nicola H.

    I can’t see anything going wrong. Amazon is a secure site. I’m chuffed xxx

  • Laura B.

    Thanks doll. I managed to get one tonight x

  • Helen O.

    Oh god no it was just the wee ones we were after but we got them. :blush:

  • Becky M.

    Aw great i saw it and remembered your post. X

  • Neida A.

    Oh the joys of this - my darling sister managed to get from the last stock in Texas :relaxed:xx

  • Vikki H.

    Haha, thank you. Who would have thought they silly things would be so popular :rolling_eyes:

  • Adeleb1988

    I got one from Argos on Saturday, I asked in store on Friday if they have any in stock. They checked when the next delivery will be and said she will reserve one for when the next delivery arrives (expected in a week or so) and it came the next morning

  • Natalie E.

    I've got one!! :smiley::smiley: thanks anyway! X

  • Simone L.

    Aww thank you I got one now xx

  • Jacqueline H.

    I think my friend has one now

  • Oliver R.

    Looks like a big chocolate yum!

  • Kerry B.

    I managed to get one from smyths :blush: xx

  • Collette K.

    Got one on pre order thanks hun x

  • Michelle T.

    I got 1 last thur from asda at cramlington. X

  • Natalie R.

    Done :raised_hands_tone1::raised_hands_tone1::raised_hands_tone1:

  • Jessica M.

    I got it thank you so much!!!!

  • Bekii M.

    I’ve managed to pre-order one! Thankyou! :kissing_heart::raised_hands_tone2: xx

  • Laura M.

    I ordered them from Amazon France last night lol after I decided I wasn't going to bother trying to get them

  • Natalie R.

    You can pre order at smyths it says on here x

  • Leanne T.

    we going to toyrus Monday night to let her pick a present. so hopin it's there lol x

  • Emma K.

    I've decided no big lol as its only half a ball its totally flat on the back so i know lexie will be asking why its not a ball :joy::joy: so sticking with the little ones xxx

  • Christine H.

    I've just gave in and pre ordered it even though I've also spent the equivalent on the other ones :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Vicki K.

    Think i might have got one from the French Amazon, thanks hun c

  • Anna S.

    My friend managed to order me one from amazon Italy yesterday. Typical lol thank you though :blush: xxx

  • Faay A.

    They had these in Asda last week but I’m sure it was £60 :scream:

  • Jayne H.

    I have reserved one at smyths!! Thank you x:kissing_heart:

  • Lindsay J.

    yay that’s great news xxx

  • Nicola F.

    Yup! Mary-Rose wants one - NO WAY!!!

  • Kimberly B.

    Thanks Hun ordered it. :blush:

  • Lauren M.

    Geez.....it’s huge :see_no_evil::joy:

  • Katie L.

    Got two now thanks :joy::weary:

  • Katie L.

    Yeah I’ve got one coming thanks Don xxx

  • Donna W.

    It is massive! But it's also £60! :see_no_evil:

  • Lynne B.

    Brilliant she will be HAPPY

  • Kellie R.

    Thankyou! I’ve managed to pre order them xx :thumbsup::thumbsup:

  • Becci L.

    Thanks iv done it xxx well done

  • Lucy B.

    I’m gonna order it today for her :slight_smile: xx

  • Melanie T.

    Thankyoj ive just got back from Grimsby got one in smyths xx

  • Nat D.

    Smyths are taking pre orders and delivery is before 15th December. I ordered one yesterday and picked it up that afternoon as my local store had loads delivered

  • Carly E.

    Thanks Hun I’ve preordered :thumbsup_tone1::kissing_heart:xx

  • Elaine H.

    Managed to get one misses. Thanks xx

  • Becky P.

    Thankyou! :grinning: its the one thing my daughters asked for! x

  • Nat D.

    You’ll get one. Smyths said all pre orders will be fulfilled :blush: my daughter only asked for one a couple of days ago :see_no_evil: I was lucky to have ordered and have it available to collect within 10 mins! X

  • Kelly B.

    Don’t think I’m going to bother, hardly comes with anything for 60quid... she’s not particularly desperate for it lol but thank you xxx

  • Rachel M.

    Anyone that lives near Southampton they had them in toys are us today about 9/12 of them at 3pm today xx

  • Deals4izzy

    Notts toyr rus had 4 about 1 hour ago (on the customer service desk) -01/12 -good luck

  • Natalie G.

    I’ve ordered one Hun thanks tho x

  • Oona G.

    Thanks so much just ordered it :ok_hand::ok_hand:

  • Tracey F.

    I’ve just been on there and you can pre order them! It says they’ll come before the 15th x

  • Vger G.

    Thank you so much you are a life saver :santa_tone1:

  • Bonnie L.

    Thank you !!! Pre ordered !!!

  • Mary-Louise M.

    I’m on it like a car bonnet! Thanks chick!! xx

  • Carol P.

    Ooh hopefully it’ll arrive soon then as it’s in pre order

  • Stephanie W.

    They had them in my local Tesco.

  • Catherine S.

    Weve got one fingers crossed but thanks xxx

  • Megan I.

    Managed to get one doll thanks a lot!! Had to get my auntie to get one in England :see_no_evil:

  • Adele S.

    I’ve got one!! :grimacing::grimacing:

  • Katherine C.

    Just away to do it now, says delivered for 15th! Thank you xxx

  • Jodie W.

    I’ve finally got one:laughing::laughing: xxx

  • Leah S.

    Had them on the shelf at my Tesco in Quedgeley today x

  • Natalie H.

    Hastings tesco has loads on the shelf if that helps anyone

  • Katie N.

    There in stock on Tesco website x

  • Lea H.

    In stock in Tesco Chesterfield

  • Louisa H.

    I managed to get one, thanks though x

  • Ali S.

    All sorted! Got mine from France! :flag_fr::joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Kat C.

    They are in Beaumont leys Tesco in Leicester

  • Helen C.

    Ordered mine in Smyths yesterday and it was there today!

  • Vger G.

    Tesco’s in Welling High Street have them

  • Louise M.

    I managed to get one phew!

  • Emma G.


  • Rhiannon K.

    They are in my local Tesco today :grin:

  • JoAnne S.

    I saw a load yesterday, but I’m making my own version :blush: x

  • Gemma B.

    Ours got delivered today :relaxed:

  • Carly G.

    My local Tesco had them in store today

  • Hannah B.

    didn't your wife reserve one? :joy::joy:

  • Wolf_


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