Where To Buy L.O.L Surprise BIG Surprise In UK

Where To Buy L.O.L Surprise BIG Surprise In UK

L.O.L Surprise Dolls are BIG news just now and You Tube is full of videos featuring them being 'opened'. There are a few different ones for sale in the UK now, but the one that is selling out everywhere is the L.O.L Surprise BIG Surprise. When you see it in stock, you have to grab it!

Available to buy/pre-order:

Limited Stock/Delivery/Higher RRP:

  • Currently Out of Stock

Out of Stock:

  • Toys R Us* - £59.99
  • Very* £59.99
  • Tesco Direct £59.99 BUY HERE*
  • Amazon France £52.70 delivered - Grab it here*
  • If, like me, your French isn't great, the Google Chrome Browser is good at translating the webpage although if you order from Amazon in the UK it's easy enough to follow and you can use your UK details to log in and pay. It's exactly the same L.O.L Big Surprise that you get in the UK.

The L.O.L Surprise BIG Surprise doesn't come cheap at £59.99, but when they say it's big, they weren't lying. For a start it's 32cm tall and contains 50 surprises inside.

There are three layers to get through - the first layer has 10 surprises, which are Doll Accessories, second layer is made up of 5 Charm Fizz Balls, each with 3 charms in, the third layer contains two L.O.L Dolls and two L.O.L Lil Sisters.

The hard Glitter Plastic Shell can be used again, perhaps to store L.O.L Dolls?

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Reply to
  • Joanne C.

    I phoned smyths customer service yesterday to see when they are coming in and she didn't have a clue, we even tried to order one from America but had sold out to :joy::see_no_evil:

    • Tracey11

      Don’t worry  you will

      Live .

    • Nicola F.

      Sixty quid!!!! Sod that!! x

      • Debbie P.

        60 pound???!!!! Omg! :scream::see_no_evil:

        • Leanne K.

          Oh don't! Iv heard nothing but these lol dolls. They are a good bribing tool tho haha. She's already got 3 :see_no_evil:

          • Louise B.

            Actually don't know what I'm going to do if she sees this! I already had to part with a frightening amount of money on these yesterday for her birthday :flushed:!

            • Diane D.

              Looks like a pre order present,

              • Katie T.

                Going to need to keep my eye on this as get one as soon as they're out xx

                • Rosie E.

                  I can't bring myself to get the £10 let alone this one :joy:

                  • Aliye263

                    Just received the Smyths toy catalogue and this is advertised in the LOL Dolls section very clearly displaying the price at £59.99. This is not available online and when you try to search for this item it doesn't exist??. When will this be available to purchase or pre-order. Just messaged Smyths toy store as they shouldn't be advertising this in the catalogue if it's not available to buy. Guess what my girls opened this magazine straight away and saw this. What am I going to do now

                    • Shell81

                      Same with Argos toy catalogue! Someone on there said it should be arriving around 13th October. 

                      I’ll be checking every day to try and get it!

                      • Shell81

                        It’s on smyths now for pre order

                        • online2014

                          sold out :O this going to be like the hatchimals last year people think? 

                    • Shell81

                      Toysrus.com says expected delivery 29th September.

                      Someone on Argos said 13th October. I’ll be checking every day to get it!

                      • Caroline S.

                        What in the hell is it?! :smile:

                        • Sophie S.

                          this has got Lexie name all over it

                          • Adele J.

                            what is it x

                            • Sophie S.

                              click on link n read x

                            • Claire G.

                              Kaitlyn would this this.£60 tho :sweat_smile: xxx

                              • Lyndsey P.

                                It has 50 surprises inside

                                • Paul S.

                                  I'll get 2 when I get paid xxx

                                  • Clare M.

                                    Think they would love this!!!x

                                    • Louise H.

                                      We'll try get it next week x

                                      • Chell L.

                                        haha its expensive but well worth the money haha. A lady in Tesco was telling me about this the other day. No idea what she meant now I do :joy: xx

                                        • Stephanie B.

                                          I hate these things!! Lol

                                          • Stephanie B.

                                            :joy::joy::joy: £60!! She has more chance of getting a dog!!!