LittleBigPlanet Accessories Review

27 September 2010

sackboy If you haven’t heard about LittleBigPlanet then let me tell you what it is all about. LittleBigPlanet is a Playstation 3 game that features a little chap called Sackboy and he’s reached international fame and fortune by dint of his cuteness and weirdness. I think that all the characters from the game are to-die-for-cute so when PlayPennies got send some LittleBigPlanet accessories I was verrry excited.

The first chap is the Sackboy figurine. He retails for around £8.99 on Amazon and stands at 6 inches tall. His little arms and legs are movable, as is his head. He’s a pretty sturdy little thing and I really like the way he looks.

He has been dropped, stood on, bounced, bitten, slobbered on and had a near-death experience with some Robinsons fruit juice, and he is still utterly fine. This is one figurine that can take an enormous quantity of abuse. I’m not really a fan of collectible figurines, especially at this price, but for anyone who loves this kind of thing he is excellent quality and really cute. A lovely little stocking filler.

The other item we got was a Sackgirl keyring. Now THIS I really liked. As I never do collectibles, the figurine felt a little superfluous, but the keyring is ace. The one we got was a cute little Sackgirl with blue hair and a dress I could wear quite happily (reminiscent of Maggie from NCIS).

41I-7+fIpOL__SL500_AA300_The keyrings sell for around £2.99 and upwards from Amazon, Play, Game and The Hut, making them much better value for money than the figurine and far more useful. Light enough to not be annoying and cute enough to enjoy, the LittleBigPlanet keyrings are brilliant gifts.

These are well made and solid, great as stocking fillers for LittleBigPlanet fans.


  • Kay S.
    Watched NCIS from start up to date and never heard of Maggie do you mean Abby ? in forensics .
  • Lynley O.
    Me too Kay, and judging by the keyring I really do think that Tamsin means Abbey :) Although I think that it is mostly the hair rather than anything else that looks like Abbey.
  • Tamsin O.
    It is Abbey! Sorry. I have only just got into NCIS and got her name wrong. Am ashamed. Please don't hit me. CRY
  • Lynley O.
    Ha ha! Once you've watched it for a bit, you'll see why it is so funny you get her name wrong. They must mention her name about 100 times in each episode. Maybe there is something in the clause. No-one can walk into the lab without saying something like 'do you have anything yet Abbey', and when they're not in the lab every two minutes it is 'I'll call Abbey to see if there's anything. Abbey what have you got for me? I see Abbey. Anything else Abbey? OK Abbey will check in again in an hour. Talk to you then Abbey.'

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