LEGO Toy Story Woody’s Roundup £26.38 @ Tesco

LEGO Toy Story Woody’s Roundup £26.38 @ Tesco


Tesco have marked down the LEGO Toy Story set, Woody’s Roundup, from £39.97 to £26.38 which is a pretty neat saving for an expensive range of LEGO toys. LEGO seems to have been really prominent this Christmas and is usually quite costly, so this is a nice saving for a Toy Story mad child.

Sheriff Woody and Bullseye have to save Jessie from the gold mine wired with dynamite by Stinky Pete. Stinky Pete has escaped from jail and is trying to steal the gold but Sheriff Woody is ready with a catapult trap to capture him and stop him from causing anymore mayhem.

Kids can create their own scenes from Toy Story or use the ones from the original movies, they can invent their own stories and have so much fun with the included pieces. There isn’t much information on what is included in the kit, although I assume that Woody, Jessie, Bullseye and Stinky Pete characters are in there.

I wasn’t impressed that they classified it as a boys toy though, why wouldn’t girls want to play with Toy Story LEGO?

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    £19.99 in Disney Store