Lego Star Wars Snowtrooper Battle Pack £8 @ Debenhams

lego1 "Join me and together we will rule the universe as mother and son!" that's what I have to say apparently when I'm playing Star Wars with my youngest because, "You can't be a father - you're a girl!" there's no arguing with the logic of a three-year-old!

When the legends that are Lego and Star Wars joined forces I was almost beside myself with joy!  I must confess that I spent an entire weekend playing Lego Star Wars on the Xbox forget all that take a break every half an hour nonsense - this was almost 10 hours each day of uninterrupted gaming.

Anyway, back to the deal in hand! Just LOOK  at this!  The Empire Strikes Back is, in my opinion, the BEST of the Star Wars movies and to celebrate its 30th anniversary (how is that possible!) Lego have released this SnowTrooper Battle Pack.

lego2Now you - your CHILD can command their own Imperial force and launch an attack against the Rebellion on the planet Hoth. The pack includes two snowtroopers, one Imperial officer and one AT-AT driver.

Use the following codes to drop the published price and get free delivery: PY6P for 20% and  SHD1 for free delivery

Thanks to Twinx over at HUKD!

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  • Daniel B.
    Nice deal but you're wrong about ESB being the best film. New Hope is by far the best FACT!!! ;-)
  • Sarah
    Ohhh Daniel, Daniel, Daniel... New Hope is great can't beat Empire due to the MEGA revelation that just left us all reeling for weeks after... DV: " your father!" LS: "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" I'm afraid it's Empire all the way!
  • Daniel B.
    If I want to be left reeling then I'll watch Eastenders on a Friday!! New Hope is by far a better story. It has all the essentials of a great fairytale and the basicis that Empire lacks, begining, middle & END! This debate will carry on for ever but what remains is that they are all excellent films!
  • Daniel B.
    When I say all, I do just mean the original trilogy!
  • Sarah
    Of course! That goes without saying!

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