LEGO Star Wars 8099 Imperial Star Destroyer £14.98 @ Tesco

This is a rather fabulous price for a LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer; Tesco are selling it for half price - £14.98 instead of £29.97.

It is still one of the best opening movie scenes of all time, when the screen starts to be dominated, and eventually filled, by the underside of a vast Imperial Star Destroyer.

My mum remembers watching that opening to Star Wars: A New Hope at the cinema and recalls that everyone was talking about the enormity of it for weeks.

My youngest son is a rabid Lego and Star Wars fan and the addition of this LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer to his collection will really make his day - although he's going to have to wait until Christmas day for it.

It measures more than 25cm long and stands more than 12cm high and once it's built it can be displayed on the stand that comes with it.

The age guide is nine years or older; if your little LEGO fan is younger than that then they're going to need a bit of help...oh dear, what a shame!

Thanks to josephine2201 @ HUKD

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  • breadnboutros
    'a rabid Lego and Star Wars fan'? surely you mean 'avid'?
  • Sarah M.
    No, I mean RABID! The mere mention of LEGO or Star Wars has him frothing at the mouth with excitement ;-)

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