Lego The Hobbit Attack Of The Wargs £24.99 @ Amazon

Lego The Hobbit Attack Of The Wargs £24.99 @ Amazon

There's a 50% saving on the Lego The Hobbit Attack Of The Wargs at Amazon*. The set was £49.99, and is now £24.99. Which is a fabulous deal for a Lego set. My son is both Lego and Lord of the Rings/Hobbit mad, so this is a great present for him. Handy if you need to get a Christmas gift in a hurry. The last order day for Amazon for One Day Delivery and Express Delivery is Monday the 23rd of December, to arrive on the 24th. Make sure you are in!

The Attack of the Wargs set, part of the Lego The Hobbit range, comes with two Wargs, a tree, two campfires, and two rock ledges. The tree has rotating sections and a magic flame shooter function, and the small rock ledge has a catapult function.

Accessories include four flame elements to use with the flame shooter on the tree, and other minifigures in the LEGO The Hobbit range can also be used with the set for added role-playing fun.

The customer reviews are nearly all 5 star, with one 4 star. This is fairly typical of what people are saying "Was given this set as a gift for Christmas and I am very impressed with it. The instructions were very easy to follow and all the parts are in numbered bags so you do not end up being swamped in Lego on the first build. One thing I didn't notice from looking at the box is that the tree itself actually has rotating sections to it and with the top piece it can also be knocked off for added playfun. The tree once built stands a good 8inches tall so its quite an impressive kit once complete, there's also a separate rock/Warg launcher piece with the set which is surprisingly very solidly built and is used for hurling fire bombs into the tree or hopping Wargs into it. The Wargs also feature movable mouths which click into an open or closed position."

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