Lego Harry Potter Quidditch Match £15.89 @ Amazon

6 May 2011

Lego Harry Potter Quidditch Match Here's my big secret. I don't 'get' Harry Potter. I have tried to watch the movies. I've tried to read the books. To no avail, I just get bored. However, for little boys and girls around the world it is simply the best thing ever - and that goes for lots of mums and dads too.

I know from my son's 9 year old cousin that the combination of Harry Potter and Lego is a huge hit if you're a fan. It is always good to get Lego on discount though, as it is pretty expensive. This Lego Harry Potter Quidditch Match is priced at £15.89 at Amazon, marked down from £20.99. You'll find it at around £25 in most other places.

Anyway since I know nothing of Harry Potter or even what a Quidditch is. So here's what it says on the website. In this Lego Harry Potter Quidditch Lesson set Marcus Flint and the Slytherin team are winning, and Gryffindor's only chance is if Harry can find the Golden Snitch before Draco Malfoy does!

The set includes Features Quidditch equipment, goals, stand and Harry Potter, Oliver Wood, Marcus Flint, Draco Malfoy & Madame Hooch minifigures. Age range 6 to 12 years.

It's these five mini figures that really make it worthwhile for one reviewer. "All the mini figures have plain legs, and well printed torsos. Three (Hooch, Potter and Malfoy) have double sided heads with different expressions. All figures come with brooms and there are clubs for the two beaters. Also included are flying helmets as an alternative to the hair-pieces, although oddly only enough for half the players."

Thanks to laney222 at HUKD!

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