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Lego Dragon Game As any parent knows, if you've got a child who likes Lego, then you're doomed to spending a small fortune. The stuff is expensive! So any Lego bargains go down well. If you don't have a child who's into Lego, chances are his or her friends will be so grab one of these for the present drawer. You'll have a grateful parent at the next birthday party! Amazon is selling the Lego Games 3838 Lava Dragon for £4.99, down from £9.99. Delivery is free with super saver delivery.

Lego games are  slightly different twist on the usual Lego format. You still need to build it all, including the dice. But once you're finished, you have a game you can play.

This is a game for two to four players. The object is to be the first one to summon the dragon from the top of the volcano. Avoid the lava and block your opponents as you climb to victory.

First you need to build the basic game layout, using the included instructions. Then you start to play by building up the dice by adding your coloured pieces to the dice (start by placing them next to the lava tiles). Each time the dice is rolled another piece is added until the dice is full.

Each time the dice is rolled after that, each player with a tile showing makes a move up the mountain. If an opponent throws a lava tile they can move one of the lava bricks to block another player's path. The first one to the top of the mountain who throws a lava tile, wins and can claim the dragon.

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