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6 August 2010

lego1 This Lego Duplo Big City Zoo has been reduced from £59.99 down to £41.99 and would make a great main birthday  pressie for any young animal fan.

My daughter has always been obsessed with animals. We often joke that she must be the reincarnation of St Francis of Assissi because if there's a lost pet or wounded animal in need of help within a 5 mile radius, she'll find it!

She finds it impossible to watch nature programmes which involve animal death or suffering without getting upset; human tragedy, sure she can sympathise and feel sorry for those involved but upset by, not really. Animals, yes. People, not so much; it's no big surprise that she wants to be a vet.

The clues have always been there as she loved playing with things that had animal characters, like this Lego Duplo Big City Zoo which has 12 including: lions, giraffes, elephants, zebras, monkeys and bears.

There are also zoo staff member figures and visitors, plus all the Lego Duplo bricks and trees that you need to build the enclosures for the animals.

At first glance you might consider the Lego Duplo Big City Zoo to be on the expensive side, but when you work out the cost per hours of play and enjoyment it's an absolute bargain and as your order is over £25 delivery will be free.

Thanks to controlfreak over at HUKD!

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