Lego City Fire ZipBin £6.99 @ Argos

2 January 2011

Lego City Fire ZipBin After Christmas our house looks a bit like a Lego factory! This bargain definitely caught my eye. Argos has reduced the Lego City Fire ZipBin to less than half price. It is now £6.99, down from its original price of £19.99.

It is an interesting concept. The ZipBin unzips into a playmat designed for children to use to make buildings and so forth out of Lego. Then, when it is tidy up time, you can just zip up the corners and all the Lego is tidied away.

The product description on the website describes the ZipBin as "Sturdy, strong, stackable and portable."

Unfortunately, this item is out of stock for home delivery. Ten of the 12 stores near me (and not all of them are Argos Extra stores) do still have some in stock though, so it might be a matter of just looking around until you can find it. If there are any in stock near you then this is a good bargain.

The website recommends this toy for ages 3 years old and upwards.


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