LEGO City Airport £54.29 @ Amazon

LEGO City Airport £54.29 @ Amazon


Lego City Airport has been marked down from £81.99 (!!!) to £54.29 on Amazon today. You are saving £27.70 and it comes with their tasty free delivery service too. Although I am still choking on how expensive Lego is today.

The Lego City Airport kit includes five mini figures which are the passenger, pilot, flight attendant, steward and a service man. Clearly this is not so much an airport as the hangar for some extremely wealthy person who owns their own airplanes.

Then you get an airplane, a terminal, control tower, baggage cart and the terminal even has revolving doors for extra viable fun. It’s very cute. Kids can check their passengers in at the ticket desk, walk them through security, check in their baggage and relax in a café, and all the other things you do at an airport that used to be fun before they got security mad.

It’s a very full set with lots of extras and pieces and is great for kids to play imaginatively, if only it wasn’t so darn expensive!

Thanks to vikkiw at HUKD!


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