Lego Buzz’s Star Command Spaceship £14.99 @ Amazon

6 November 2011

This is a whopping discount for a Lego Buzz Star Command Spaceship that usually costs £30.99 but is now down half price to £14.99 instead. This is coming perfectly in time with the Christmas gift buying madness and will make someone a stunning Christmas present.

The Lego Buzz Star Command Spaceship is directly out of the Toy Story 3 ethos and is, really, Buzz’s spaceship. The Lego spaceship is pretty cool to assemble and play with and is ideal for kids over the age of seven (parents can join in!).

With this awesome Lego Buzz spaceship you can save the galaxy, sort out Zurg and his various misdemeanours, travel to distant planets, and hurt your feet on the way to the loo in the dark because your child didn’t tidy up the tiny little Lego pieces lying on the floor.

The kit is a very low price for Lego and would be brilliant as a Christmas gift.

Thanks to Dippidh at HUKD!

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