Learning Curve Chuggington Wilson Carry Case Playmat £8.50 @ Amazon

Learning Curve Chuggington Wilson Carry Case Playmat £8.50 @ Amazon

Chuggington Wilson Carry CaseThis is a soft Wilson carry case that opens out to reveal a Chuggington playmat. It also comes with a die cast Wilson. It is on offer at Amazon with a 50% reduction - £8.50 instead of £16.99.

I'm not sure how it works exactly but according to the description, you can use it to take your diecast Chuggington characters and track wherever you go, so presumably there's room in the carry case for more than the mat. But don't take my word for it!

The Chuggington Wilson Carry Case unzips to make a playmat of Chuggington City with key destinations from the show so you're ready to "Rail the Rails"! Includes Diecast Wilson engine with easy coupling system to connect and play, to ensure engines never detach from each other. The description on the website also says that "Chuggington Die Cast is an open ended play system" but I'm not sure I understand what that means! The set comes from the BBC's CBeebies top rated preschool show Chuggington. But if you've got pre-schoolers then you'll already know that!

One rather strange thing that I've noticed is that before he turned 5 my son was MAD about Chuggington. But over the last year he has gone off it entirely, and won't even want to watch it if it happens to be on. This isn't the case with his other favourite pre-school shows. He still loves to watch Peppa Pig, and if I happen to catch the Night Garden on the TV, he'll still sit down and watch it!

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