Leapfrog Spin And Sing Alphabet Zoo Ball £9.99 @ Amazon

20 October 2011

The usual price for this Leapfrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo Ball is £15.99, Amazon are currently selling it for £9.99.

It's never too early to introduce your child to the alphabet; the sooner they can get to grips with letters the better and the easier they'll pick up reading and writing.

To start exploring the alphabet your child must just spin the wheel which features all 26 letters of the English alphabet.  Each letter is bright and colourful and features its own animal whose name starts with the letter, from Alligator to Zebra - I'd love for there to be a Duck-billed Platypus for D on something one day.

The Leapfrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo Ball will help your child to learn about letter names, animals and the sounds they make, whilst music, lights and swirling patterns will encourage exploration and spinning, and batting, the ball will assist in motor skill development.

It's an award winning toy too, being the winner of the 2008 Good Toy Awards Plat Matters Silver Award and the 2007 Practical Preschool Awards Gold Award - just in case you needed any extra reassurance.

Happy A, B, Cs

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