LeapFrog Scout Text and Learn Messenger £9.99 @ Argos

28 November 2010

leapfrogTextandLearn I'm not sure what I think about this LeapFrog Scout Text and Learn Messenger, but it's not about my personal opinion, it's about whether someone out there in Internet Land has been waiting for a deal on one.

Mind you...my youngest has an iPod Touch so I really can't criticise. I hasten to add that I didn't but it for him...and he is rather nifty at all the amazing educational games he's got on it; that and Angry Birds *grin*

So, how can I spin the LeapFrog Scout Text and Learn Messenger so I don't feel like I'm condoning teaching toddlers how to SMS...?

Well, as long as they don't learn text speak (which I loathe - I'd rather pay more and write words in full, than resort 2 txt spk!) then the LeapFrog Scout Text and Learn Messenger will assist them with their spellings.

It has a full Qwerty keyboard which will help them become familiar with its layout; fight it all we like, keyboard skills is something which will serve them well.

It has three learning modes so your child can practice with letter names and sounds, they can also exchange messages with their puppy pal scout (three year olds texting, I almost feel I should go and wash my hands!).

The LeapFrog Scout Text and Learn Messenger comes with the 3AAA batteries it needs and is available for home delivery (if you want to get fleeced for £5.95) or to collect in store, subject to your local stock levels.

Thanks to rimz790 over at HUKD

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