LeapFrog Leap TV £59.99 @ Amazon

LeapFrog Leap TV £59.99 @ Amazon


If the LeapFrog Leap TV is on the Christmas list and you still haven't got round to buying it then you are in luck - Amazon have reduced it from an RRP of £119.99 to half that at just £59.99 with FREE Delivery. This is the cheapest we can find this anywhere - Smyths Toys have the next best price and they are charging nearly £90, everywhere else it's around £100 so Amazon are giving you a great price on this.

As with all LeapFrog products the emphasis with the Leap TV is on learning through play, making things fun. The added bonus of this games system is that it also gets children moving whilst they play, exercising their bodies as well as their brains.

It's a motion based gaming system (a bit like the wii) that you set up through your TV, designed for 3 to 8 year olds. You get a game that you can download included in the price, and then other games can be bought separately. You need internet access to set it up, and a couple of AA batteries, and then you should be all set to play on Christmas day.

When my son saw me writing this up he got very excited - the adverts are on TV roughly every 5 seconds, so your kids are going to know what this is and start bugging you for it, if they haven't been doing so already!


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