Leap Frog Cook And Learn Potsy £11.98 @ Tesco

I'm not a huge fan of plastic toys that beep, whistle and sing - I'm more of a traditional wooden toy girl - but I have to say, this Leapfrog Cook and Learn Potsy toy is rather cute and he's been reduced from £17.97 down to £11.98.

You can trust Leapfrog toys too; kids love to play with them and they’ll be learning all sorts of skills and aquiring knowledge without realising it.

With a Leapfrog Cook and Play Potsy your child will start learning about opposites, can listen to music and rhymes and explore counting and colours.

Fine motor skills will also be developed - you need to put food items into Cook and Play Potsy to make him respond - when I say food items, I mean the ones that come with Cook and Play Potsy, not just a random jam sandwich or something!

Little ones aged between 12 and 36 months are his target audience and he needs 3AA batteries

He has a British voice and you can connect him to the Internet to download personalised messages and custom playlists.

People who’ve already bought Cook and Play Potsy are thrilled with him…

“I bought this Cook and Learn Potsy for my grandaughter, she absolutely loves it as she can put plastic vegetables in the pot and stir them with a spoon provided, there is also music and songs, she loves to pretend she is cooking with her mum. My grandaughter is nearly 2 years old. I think this is a fun and educational toy.”

“This is a great toy my little one is 1 and loves it. She loves throwing in all the food and giving it a good stir and hearing potsy speak to her. I think it is educational as the toy talks to you whilst you are playing and describes the food and colours.
I would recommend it.”

Thanks to missgem at HUKD

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