Large Pink Lego Brick Box £18.89 @ The Hut

Large Pink Lego Brick Box £18.89 @ The Hut

This would make an excellent gift this Christmas for any Lego fans as you get an enormous selection of these addictive bricks for a lovely £18.89 including free delivery. You will need the voucher code below to drop the online price down to £18.89 and this is one of the lowest prices I’ve seen for the expensive Lego boxes.

This kit is ideal for introducing kids to the Lego universe as this enormous pink box is bursting with Lego goodness. The set comes with a mini figure girl, a horse and house building elements so your child can build an ace house for their little girl figure.

There are 402 bricks in 12 different colours, windows, a door, a horse and, of course, some instructions and ideas. The voucher code you need to drop the price down is XMASTOYS and why not take a look around the site and see if you can add some other bits and pieces to your shopping trolley so that you can make good use of this discount.

Thanks to missgem at HUKD!


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