Large Bottle of Bubble Mixture (900ml) £1 @ Poundland

29 June 2010

blowing bubbles 2If you're forever blowing bubbles then it can only mean one of two things. You're a West Ham supporter, or you're a parent. Or maybe even both. I've no advice to offer if your team is West Ham (other than commiserations?). But for parents out there, here's something to help. Pop into your local Poundland and check out this bargain. A 900ml bottle of bubble mixture for £1.

My son is five years old now. For the last few years I've been able to keep him occupied for long periods of time with a few plastic hoops and some bubble mixture. A couple of years ago we also bought one of those bubble blowing machines. Which is fblowing bubbles 1ab for larger party groups and picnics in the park. But all of this takes a lot of bubbles! Eespecially the machine, which seems to need to be filled with an exceptional amount of mixture to work properly.

So I'm always on the look out for bargains like this one. Rumour also has it that Tesco has their 1 litre bottle on special offer at £1 but we were unable to verify that.

Thanks to supergoose at HUKD!

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