Lamaze Stretch The Giraffe Only £5.29 @ Amazon

Lamaze Stretch The Giraffe Only £5.29 @ Amazon

Lamaze giraffeAdorable! I love baby toys, they're so cute with lots of lovely stretchy bits and cuddly bits. Lamaze Stretch the Giraffe is no different with his knobbly knees and long stretchy legs.

Designed to aid your child's development, this pushchair toy includes plenty of features to help baby through many phases of develoment. The stretchy legs can be pulled and they jingle, rattle and crinkle. Squeakers in the body and feet stimulate hearing while the clinking teething rings help with sound and motor co-ordination.

Baby can exlore the different textures with his hands or mouth, chewing away at the giraffe's feet and neck. Also, the bright colours and patterns stimulate  sight development.

Lamaze Stretch the Giraffe attaches easily to all prams with the large hook and can also be used for long car, train or plane journeys. At this price, marked down from £11.99, you have a beautiful price for a beautiful toy.lamaze giraffe2

He measures five inches long, 12 inches tall and is machine washable. Which is a relief considering how many times he's likely to end up on the floor or in baby's mouth.

I'm a big fan of baby toys that stimulate specific developmental stages or abilities and this is a delightful starter for any little one.

A big thank you to andywedge from HUKD!


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