Lamaze Eddie The Elephant Tunes £8.99 @ Amazon

Lamaze Eddie The Elephant Tunes £8.99 @ Amazon

If you're quick, and if Amazon don't put the price up before you get there, you'll be able to pick up a Lamaze Eddie the Elephant Tunes for £8.99 - his usual price is £22.99.

I've been waxing lyrical about Lamaze toys for years; Edward, my youngest son, was given a Lamaze Octotunes by my mum six years ago and he's loved and adored her ever since - both my mum AND 'Lamaisy' his Octotunes octopus!

The last time I told you about Lamaze Eddie the Elephant Tunes he was £17.99; the time before then (last year) he was £12.30 - I've never seen him as cheap as this, and don't expect to see him being sold for any less than this any time soon, if ever.

Eddie the Elephant Tunes is the most advanced musical soft toy in the Lamaze Tunes collection - your baby can play musical notes on his trunk and also record and play back musical notes on the feet.

There's a song book included too to teach some basic pieces of music and, of course, there are the usual bright colours, patterns and crinkles that are associated with Lamaze - there was a song book with the Octotunes Octopus too, it was great, we all had lots of fun playing tunes on her tentacles!

Eddie the Elephant Tunes measures 10.5cm x 8cm x 11.5cm and is suitable from birth onwards; the three AA batteries he needs are included too.  If you want to know what an existing owner has to say about Eddie, here's just one of many glowing reviews:

"What a FAB toy!!! I bought this for my 7 month old daughter for Christmas & she absolutely loves it. When you push the music note on his left foot tunes are played, while the star on his right, records tunes that you play yourself by pushing the buttons (musical notes) on his trunk.

She isn't old enough yet to use the recording function but I have certainly had some fun with it!!!! There is an accompanying booklet with colour & shape-coded notes to help. She loves to hold on to his ears, suck on his trunk, lie on his belly & chew on his feet.

All in all, an excellent high quality product, well designed, well made, colourful, fun, high quality and plays great tunes - definitely a great purchase!!!"

They won't be in stock for another couple of days, but will be sent out pronto as of the 14 December.

Thanks to mikegrant1 at HUKD


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