Lamaze Baby Gift Set £9.98 @ Tesco

lamaze1 Ahhhh more 'Amazing Lamaze' goodies for your little ones to enjoy!

You just know when some toys are good and others....not so good.  I've never had a 'not so good' experience with anything from Lamaze and  have always felt reassured that my money was well spent on toys beneficial to the development of my children.

There is always so much to do and discover with Lamaze toys and this wonderful set contains a 'bit of everything' that will keep your small one enterained as a baby and will grow with them as they develop new skills.

lamaze2Suitable from birth there are 2 wrist and 2 foot-finder rattles with the cutest garden bug characters on them, there's a play cube with flaps to lift and discover what's hiding underneath, rings and rattles and squeaks and there are 'stacking bugs' - I still like playing with anything that stacks, there's something curiously satisfying about's just me then....? Ok, moving on!

As ever with Lamaze you know these have been designed specifically with your child's development in mind. The bright contrasting colours and pattens stimulate vision. Rattles, squeaks and crinkles for developing hearing  and lots of different materials and shapes to grip and grab hold off encourage the refinement of fine motor skills.

Reviews of this item are, unsurprisingly, excellent.

Thanks to Elise127 over at HUKD!

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