Klip Kitz Toy Story Buzz Lightyear £5 @ Amazon

Klip Kitz Toy Story Buzz Lightyear £5 @ Amazon


This Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Klip Kitz is down from £9.99 to only £5 and includes free delivery. Although free delivery takes ages so make sure you get things in time for Christmas from now on!

So, what exactly is a Klip Kitz I hear you asking, and why is Buzz Lightyear one of them? Well apparently this toy uses pre-painted, snap-fit components that simply snap together securely to create a figurine. In this case it is Buzz.

Once you have clipped everything together, you then use a unique locking key to lock all the elements in place. I assume this is so the toy doesn’t fall to pieces the moment you start playing with it. You can rebuild, take apart, and rebuilt Buzz Lightyear again and again.

There is no gluing or anything messy involved in creating this toy, and it is suitable for children over the age of five. I don’t get it, but it would make a fantastic stocking filler for a Toy Story 3 fan at this price.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!


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