Hello Kitty Wooden Doll's House £44.99 @ Argos

Hello Kitty Wooden Doll's House £44.99 @ Argos

Argos are selling this Hello Kitty wooden doll's house for £44.99 instead of its full retail price of £59.99.

I love wooden toys, they just have a touch more elegance and refinement about them than anything made from plastic.

You know, I'm still rather bemused as to why Hello Kitty is quite as successful as she is; she appeals right across the age ranges too so if you have a young Hello Kitty fan, you might as well resign yourself to the fact that you'll be buying Hello Kitty things for plenty of years to come - my teenage granddaughter asked if I could find her some Hello Kitty high-heeled shoes, I told her she ought to be ashamed of her 16-year-old self for even asking!

However, if your Hello Kitty fanatic is three years or older then, I think, we can safely predict they'd be over the moon if this Hello Kitty wooden doll's house was waiting for them under the Christmas tree this year.

It's a two-storey house, comes with a wooden Hello Kitty figure and 13 pieces of handmade furniture to furnish her house with; the roof is painted in 'Hello Kitty pink' and the walls are predominantly white with window and flower border patterns printed onto it in full colour.

You can arrange to have your Hello Kitty wooden doll's house delivered to your home, or you can collect it from your nearest Argos store that has stock.

Happy Hello Kitty house playing!


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